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Brave Musician

Empowering YOU to boldly create, communicate, and collaborate.


Brave Musician is a movement of courage and empowerment for musicians – with resouces for creative confidence, business tools, and community to help you be your best Brave self.

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3 Steps to Being Brave

What does it mean to be Brave? Let's talk about it! Get a peek into our methodology of how to become your best Brave self through this free webinar. 



What is Brave Musician?

The world needs help navigating what it means to be a musician. Brave Musician was created to facilitate the challenging elements of developing the soft skills of musicianship - everything we don't learn in school. Through a unique curriculum and business model, we want to do good while we make great music. 

Together, we can make an impact by getting more people playing music, making careers out of music, encouraging creative entrepreneurship within the music industry, and finding ways to empower through music.



Interactive online and in-person courses that develop creative confidence, business tools, and soft skills of musicianship. 

Scholarship Program

A scholarship fund that provides private music lessons, workshops, and support for other Brave actions.


A community of fellow Brave musicians that help each other create a safe space to practice being Brave.


All of our products are pay-it-forward. Which means you can buy them for yourself, but we'd also love it if you could buy it for someone else, so we can provide more people with opportunities to be Brave.


We are a
Benefit Corporation.

Brave Musician is proud to be a Benefit Corporation – a new kind of business structure that is built around the goal of social good and social impact. Every single one of our offerings and business models tie directly into our social mission, which is to make better humans through music. 

Through our products, services, and pay-it-forward model, we offer the following:

Free private lessons

for kids and adults who can't afford it.

Free access to our Brave Musician Online course

to those who can't afford it.

free workshops and clinics

for schools and communities around the world.

Brave fund to help people do brave things

like record CDs and stuff.


We want to make a huge impact, one Brave musician at a time.

Our goal is to create a movement of courage. With a legal status of Benefit Corporation, we are responsible for setting specific impact goals. And we'd love your help in reaching them.



free Private lessons

Private lessons are one of the most important pieces of a musician's growth - but not everyone can afford them. Pre-pay into our network of private teachers and offer lessons.



free Brave Musician Courses

We love our flagship course and we want to make it available to as many people as possible. You can purchase it for yourself or pre-pay it for another student.



Free Workshops

We want to conduct workshops and clinics to schools all around the country - but schools can't always afford travel and clinician fees. The community can pre-pay for a clinic and help the school ease the costs.


January 2018

I want to thank you for your workshop on being brave and finding creative confidence. Right after it ended, I gave my demo to a contact that I was afraid to talk to.

Brave Musician Workshop Attendee