Your sound is the first thing people hear when you play.

It’s not the notes you choose or how fast you play them. It’s not the rhythms you execute flawlessly.

It’s not how fast you can shoot up and down a scale. And it's not about how much soul is in your music.

Your sound is what makes you… well, you.

It’s what makes you unique, special, and different from everyone else.

It is your greatest asset, and it will give you something to fall back on when nothing else seems to be working.

However, many musicians don’t spend enough time on their sound.

They spend hours working on scales, patterns, and tunes but there is no real curriculum dedicated to developing your unique sound.

This free, 3-part Mini course will:

  • Explain why “sound” is crucial
  • Help you discover what makes a sound “good”
  • Give you step by step instructions on
    how to develop a unique and distinctive sound