What does it mean to be Brave? | Episode 1


What does it mean to be Brave?

Welcome to the Brave Musician podcast!

This is a community for the Brave Musicians:
the ones who are curious, who want to do more
who feel afraid but do it anyway

who want to find their people

the ones who are always searching for inspiration,
who are not afraid to try new things

who know that they’ve got to put in the work
and who are willing to sacrifice for their craft

the ones who know that good things are worth it

Brave Musician is for all of us:
the pros, the hobbyists, the students, and everyone in between.

This season’s theme is Brave Stories, where we talk about creative confidence 
with fellow musicians from around the world. 

In our intro episode, we kick off Season 1 by sharing the story of how Brave Musician was created. We discuss what being Brave has meant to us, and how we continue to take small but powerful steps as individuals, as musicians, and as community leaders.

Marina Terteryan