Brave Scholarships

This scholarship fund is one of the main reasons we created Brave Musician. Being Brave often requires resources and funding that musicians may not have. Our business is built on helping our Brave musicians get access to our offerings and additional resources.

There are two ways to be part of this. 


Pay it forward by pre-purchasing a Brave Musician course, a school workshop, or music lesson for us to donate to a Brave Musician who could benefit from it.



Contribute to the general Brave Fund, for us to distribute funds as needed. 

A portion of every single product is also placed into this fund.


Please note that Brave Musician is not a nonprofit - our Benefit Corporation status allows us to do good through commerce. While we cannot offer the tax breaks of a traditional nonprofit, we encourage you to purchase our offerings through our pay-it-forward model.



Private Lessons Scholarship

Private lessons are the cornerstone of good musicianship. But not everyone can afford them. There are scholarships for all kinds of music education, but scholarships for private lessons are rare. We have multiple ways to get private lessons through our network of Brave Teachers.  


School workshops

Monica regularly gets invited to teach Brave Musician workshops at schools and community centers, and festivals around the country. However, sometimes the schools that could benefit from the workshop can't afford to bring her out. You can pre-pay a workshop to be held at the school of your choice, or pre-pay a workshop that we can conduct at one of the schools that has applied. 


Brave Fund - Coming soon!

This fund will allow musicians to apply for other activities that could be helpful to their careers that they can't afford, such as purchasing an instrument, recording an album, or attending live concerts.