School Workshops

Our proprietary Brave Musician workshop has helped musicians of all ages overcome doubts and fears, especially for students. We want to provide as many Brave Musician workshops as possible to students around the world.



Being Brave and Developing Creative Confidence

Musicians learn a lot in school. But there is one overwhelmingly important topic that is not formally taught: creative confidence. This workshop uses our customized curriculum to discuss how to develop/strengthen the soft skills of musicianship to aid in creating music, developing a community, booking gigs, building bands, the business of music, and more. 


Entrepreneurship for Musicians Using Design Thinking

Entrepreneurship is one of the most empowering ways to create a meaningful income from music. In this workshop, we 

This workshop is perfect for: High school seniors or college students who are passionate about 


Creative Collaboration Through Jazz Ideas (for Non-Musicians)

Jazz bands are some of the most powerful and well-functioning teams. There are many analogous lessons to be learned, which can be applied to team building in any context. 

This workshop is perfect for: Teams in a professional that are not made up of musicians.